AppleCakes spazzing out on my behalf because so many things need to be done and I keep A) Sleeping in B) Procrastinating or C) Being too forgetful ; A ; Thankfully Lilla is trying to calm her down (as well as me!)
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I Accept Liebster Award!

I Accept Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Konbanwa everyone! Earlier in the summer I found out by a wonderful comment that I was nominated for the Liebster Award. What a big surprise! So many “thank you’s” and digital hugs to Shiori over at Shiori’s Blog, so please check her out ~♥ (more…)

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Its….September?! Time has flown me by! Check out what I’ve been up to!

Konbawah everyone!! I’ve been meaning to post this blog entry for awhile (heads up, sorry for the lame titling…I couldn’t think of anything meaningful ^^;;;) but every time I went back to it, I ended up editing it because of the wording or topic of chioice…Which made it harder for me to post because of the constant editing and re-editing ><

I’m really tired this morning and/or passed out cold…

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I’ve drafted these wing accessories (?) multiple times but…each time I draw them it just….doesn’t FEEL right!! //Crai I-I guess I’ll move on for a bit ; A ;
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There are STICKER VERSIONS TOO!! 💞 #heichouisfree #FreeIwatobiSwimClub #cutestickers 🙌✨

I gave into sweet temptation….Haru in a sailor uniform was just TOO CUTE to resist!!! (≧∇≦) @heichounism #CuteCharms #FreeIwatabiSwimClub #Haruka #Preorder #lotsoftags #gettingbacktowork :B


Yes please, explain to me again how this has nothing to do with sexism.

[TRIGGER WARNING for extreme misogyny, gendered slurs, sexual harassment, sexual violence, victim blaming, graphic rape and death threats]



Here is something for those interested in how our arguments about Objectification Theory in Women as Background Decorations Part 1 have been widely distorted, misrepresented and strawmanned. This long-form video by YouTuber L0G1C B0MB deconstructs some of the many logical fallacies…


So a couple of my friends just opened up a storenvy so we decided to start it off with a giveaway! 

Giveaway by: Kinji (Store) || Zombeef (store) || Heichounism (Store) || Pretermit (Store) || Shillo (store)

What you’ll win:

  • First Place: 2 charms of your choice from each artist! (WOW!! That’s a lot of charms~)
  • Second Place: 1 sticker set of your choice from each artist!

How to enter:

  • reblog this post in its entirety as much as you’d like for extra entries!
  • Have your ask box open so we can message the winners.
  • No need to follow us to qualify but it would be greatly appreciated if you do and/or check out our shop!
  • Winners will be randomly chosen through a number generator!
  • We will ship internationally!


The day is finally here!! The anniversary of when I first got to meet my most important guy in the world🌌🌈🌠🌟💠 later in the day (who’s currently lightly snoring next to me) Those grueling 9 months and labor where more than worth seeing his wide but curious eyes or to have his tiny hands grip my index finger ever-so tightly. I remember counting those fingers and toes once, twice..going on five times with boredom far in the horizon😊💕Or how I would refuse sleep as often as I could just to lay there and watch him at night, walk him about as I sung him to sleep or figured out a new trick to parenting with my Mommy’s nudging on with hints everywhere💞💞The future is scary; I’m ambitious and often thick headed not to mention naive and a cultz😅😣I’m certain we’ll hit many rough patches along the way yet…..the one thing that makes everything else suddenly unimportant is seeing you grow up smiling😊😘💝That’s the one thing I wish from the bottom of my heart: your happiness💠🏡🌌🌻🌼🌈With much love my little one! #lulumorina #rambling #luslilpup #itshisbirthday #Ilovehim #mypreciousson #Mommy *happy sushi crai roll* Q//w//Q

A traditional #WIP I’ve been working on all week (there are more details but I’ll keep them secret, kekeke) during a few of my breaks & down time 😅This is an OC I mentioned before…whom I sadly haven’t decided on a name yet (Forgive me!!) but will hopefully get around to that c: I’ll also hopefully get back to Sebby within the next 00.295738362 seconds to work on lineart & coloring! ; A ; ♦ Material: Prismacolor 2H, 2B & 4B, paper, brain💭 #lulumorina #traditionalWIP #AdventureTimeStyle #YAYArt

THIS.IS.ONE.OF.MY.MOST.FAVORITE.MOMENTS.WITH.MY.BABY.WHEN.WE.WHERE.ON.AN.ADVENTURE.💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘 Sorry….but I guess I’ll be spamming you guys with my son…hehehehe 😳 #lulumorina #mypreciousson #luslilpup

My lilpup awhile ago when we went to the water park😚He was so surprised that we where going on an adventure all by ourselves (plus my con friends) Sadly he was startled by me wanting to rush him into the water because I was overly excited😳😳and then he became scared with all the little kids screaming and shouting with glee😅Hope I didn’t traumatize him…..😩Next trip shall be better!!💕💠🎈 #lulumorina #MyPreciousSon #luslilpup (at Radisson Hotel - Waterpark of America)

2015 Artist Alley Plans

2015 Artist Alley Plans

Konbahwa everyone! Glancing at my clock I cringe slightly at the time, my ‘short’ nap took longer than I had planned or hoped it would…Pardon me for the delay in this and many more things to come because sadly I know myself faaartoo well… I just wanted to point out my sudden, and possible extended, decline in activity on my twitter. This week has been rather stressful if not busy although I do…

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Here is my little bundle of joy (and a few frustrations) wearing one of my favorite outfits 😘 while captivated by Peppa Pig. Oh how his grown!! It makes me both happy & sad to see but I can’t wait until his older and I’m able to dress him up in cute little gentleman outfits. Not to mention COSPLAY!! ♥ (人´∀`*)To the adventures before us my love!! 💞🍼
p.s. I’ll probably post more as his birthday gets closer ~ 8/30 ♥ ♥ #lulumorina #luslilpup